Renewal of June 24, 2010

It is acting before the audience in autumn.
Did you finish summer training camp and is the military power of a high school, a university, and member-of-society each team ready
It turns to all Japanese championships.
Does last spurt of each team start?

It is better at the beginning of ↓ Rugby blog.

He also wants to resume a play early.



National high school Rugby result!

The Fukuoka east high school of the Fukuoka representation by 12-7
The distinguished family Fushimi industrial high school of the representative of Kyoto was won!

A university and a member of society are climaxes.

High school No.1 of Japan,
It is the Fukuoka east high school!
The first grader back is also early!
Was the Fushimi industrial high school also pushed and cut?
The Fukuoka east high school high school of the Fukuoka representation by 12-7
The distinguished family Fushimi industrial high school of the representative of Kyoto was won!

In the first half, right of the East Fukuoka high school WTB kicked the kick, escaped from the defense by the sharp run, and got the opening the scoring point. Then, Mr. SH Kiyonobu Nakamura (first grader!) slips out of it and tries the ball from a rack!! Was it regrettable although the Fushimi and the vigorous attack were shown? .

The stand in Hanazono was also rising!
Incidentally, it has also finished second last year.
Now, Mr. Ryuhei Arita for the Waseda Univ. one year was working the captain.
Probably, in the traffic accident, Mr. Jun Hiroki who passed away just before the convention is also glad.
A number 8 Yamashita Koudai captain, Mr. Hooker Meshima Masatoshi, Mr. Franka small ! that was uncanny
The FB Iguchi [ Tsuyoshi ] captain of the Fushimi ko-gyo (Kyoto), Mr. prop Kenta Tsujii, and Mr. CTB Minamihashi Naoya were also good!
Mr. Ryoji Yamaguchi.

For the championship of the Kyushu vigor, 33 convention for the first time in !! and the Fukuoka representation have been for the first time in [ 40 convention ] since [ of the 47th conventions ] the Fukuoka electric wave high school (present 福岡工 great Joto high school) since [ of the 54th conventions ] the Oita Maizuru high school (very). It will take out.

It turns to reconstruction now and is the representative Rugby of Japan under advance.
I want the rugger man in Japan to surely show a smiling face.

Confrontation of connection
It became the university finals!

A school Wars generation's rugger fans
Let's aid so that the representative of Japan can be won!

It seems that Rugby is spreading all over the world.

the Rugby fan of the Japan whole country sake -- the representative player of Japan -- I want you to do my best

In order to fulfill a Japanese rugger man's dream,
a run -- running -- a path -- turning -- a try -- please give きめて
The shorty rugger man is also aiding!

individual -- a big tree player and Ohata -- please do your best

The representative player of as of March, 2008 and Japan is the ↓ here.

1 Hisatomi 183 106 NEC
2 Matsubara 180 100 Kobe
3 Yamamura 185 110 YAMAHA
4 Ono 191 105 Toshiba (Cap)
5 Sato 197 120 3 洋
6 Kikutani 187 92 Toyota
7 オラ 190 100 Mitsuhiro
8 Kiso 195 107 YAMAHA
9 Ito 175 75 Toshiba
10 Ando 173 82 NEC
11 Oto 173 93 Toshiba
12 Yoshida 182 85 KUBOTA
13 Moriya 184 95 YAMAHA
14 Endo 186 92 Toyota
15 Miyake 175 85 Mitsuhiro

16 Yamaoka
17 Yamamoto
18 Kumagaya
19 Nakai
20 Ikeda
21 Imamura
22 Takei

Recently, a spike is made and it is under thought in a way.
Does the spike only for Rugby have Mr. Mizuno's first thing too?

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